Kiril Trajkovski Foundation Library

The Kiril Trajkovski Foundation Library is located in the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; and currently houses collections of books, maps, photographs, publications, and archaeological notes.

The Library was opened on 31st March 2016 by the Macedonian Minister for Culture. [Video]

The Library was originally intended to operate as a reference library to house Kiril Trajkovski’ personal collection of rare books; maps; photographs; notes; and publications. Support for the Library has exceeded expectations and we have received generous donations of books; maps; photographs; and publications; both in hard back and electronic format from universities, libraries, and private collections.

The Library’s electronic collections, which currently exceeds 30,000 publications, are linked to the Museum’s intranet system, and are expected to continue to grow to an estimated 100,000 by the end of 2016.

Library curators:

Ana Jordanova-Dubrovska (M: +389 72 23 51 72; E:; and
Igor Tolevski (M: +389 75 62 37 10; E:

Categories of books and publications:

* Archaeology:
* Prehistoric Archaeology
* Ancient Archaeology
* Medieval (Byzantine) Archaeology
* Methodology
* Anthropology
* Numismatics
* Annual Journals,

* Architecture:
* Prehistoric Architecture
* Ancient Architecture
* Medieval (Byzantine) Architecture
* Contemporary Architecture

* Ethnology:
* Architecture
* Jewelry

* Geography and Cartography:
* Topographic Maps,
* Ancient Maps
* Geographical Maps

* History:
* Ancient History
* Medieval (Byzantine) History
* Ottoman History
* Macedonia in the 19th century ‘Renascence’
* Literary History
* Historical Sources

* History of Art:
* Prehistoric
* Ancient
* Medieval (Byzantine)

* Museology and Collections
* Poetry and Literature
* Dictionary, Encyclopedias, and Lexicons
* Religion and Mythology
* Unpublished Archaeological Notes
* Annual Journals